I haven’t been very inspired to write on this blog lately. There is a lot for me to write about, but I just cant seem to put the words down.

We are nearly half way through the year, and I cant believe how fast its gone! I know, its a really corny statement to make ……..but really!

I set myself some pretty awesome goals this year and I am nowhere near to achieving them. LOL

The first is a business goal. Our small little business has been chugging along for years and this year I decided that I really wanted to take it to the next level. I have always been scared of selling and this year I decided that I need to get over myself and get out there. So I have been marketing my ass off! Its a tough job, and I’m not seeing any results yet. But hey these things take time. I must make a breakthrough this year, I just simply must and I will because I am determined.

The second is a physical goal. I lost 15 kg’s last year and it has done so much for my self esteem. I want to get rid another 8kgs this year and I want to get fit. So far I have only managed to maintain my weight. I suppose I have been focusing more on goal number one ….and when the going gets tough….I turn to the carbs!!! He he.

BUT I will press on!

I seem to have made a breakthrough in 2014 that has given me the confidence and the balls to go after what I want. April was a crap month, but there will always be crap months. As long as I pick myself up and carry on I will be OK.