So we have finally finished our screening for baby number two.

We went for our final panel meeting with Procare on the 19th of January and all I needed to do from there was print and courier our profile to their offices. It took me three total makeovers of the profile until I was happy, but after I received the printed version I could just feel that THIS was us.

So I couriered that off to Procare, but strangely enough I didn’t quite feel that excited waiting-for-a-baby feeling. It was there, but something was holding me back. Then on Monday I followed up on the processing of our form 30 (s.ex.ual offenders registry) and got the news that it was ready. I called our SW to ask her if she could collect it and when I put down the phone I finally FELT that feeling!

Wooooohooooo! We are going to be parents again! And I know it won’t take long. I have a feeling we will be getting a call around June/July. (That’s just my gut feeling)

We haven’t specified a gender, but we have said that we would love a girl. We are leaving ourselves open to what the universe decides we need…..and more specifically….what J needs. I actually feel very peaceful about it.

We have started to speak to J about a new baby. We have told him that Mommy, Daddy and Jayden are going to bring a baby brother or sister home soon and we have started to refer to the spare room as the baby room.

I am very excited – and a little scared! My new task is to clean out the spare baby room cupboard and clean all the baby stuff up.

So here we go again guys and gals…………..