It’s already that time again. Time for some reflection on the year that is nearly behind us.

I started the year out on a mission to be inspired. I planned to find meaning in the work I do and really make a difference, but 2012 had other plans for me.

In reality, this has been a year of learning. I haven’t achieved what I set out to do and I was starting to feel a bit miserable about it. That is until I actually sat down and took stock of what has ACTUALLY happened this year. That made me feel a little less like a failure. 🙂


I experienced my first year as a mom this year. Jayden arrived in our lives at the end of 2011, but we only really started to settle into parenthood in 2012. I have to admit that it has been challenging even though we wouldn’t change a thing. Becoming a parent makes you re-evaluate everything in your lives. Friendships have changed and new friendships have formed. I am very excited about the new friendships and I have had to learn that some friends were really acquaintances in disguise. Its okay though, our lives are filled with different things now. I’m loving going to kids parties and spending time with other mommy friends, JUST-LOVING-IT!!

 Finding me.

I know I have said this before, but I truly truly never realized how broken I was before Jayden. I knew I was sad, but I never realized how deeply hurt I was. I have only recently able to take a good hard look at the past and START to make some decisions as to how I will move forward. I have lost a bit of weight and I’m starting to feel really good about my body and I truly believe that I will continue my feel good mission in the new year. I went shopping the other day and bought some jeans and shorts that were one size down, a 14! -YAY. I know its only one size so far but it means so much more to me. It means that I can do this and I am ok with slow steady weigh loss. It’s all part of finding me. 🙂

The world of work and money

Our finances have been a disaster this year, but we have had a lot of new things to get used to. Babies are expensive and I have really had to learn to juggle my time being a working-from-home mom. I have had to refocus and decide what I really want and I have realized how awesome it is to be a working-from-home mom. As a result I have realized that I now know how important it is that I make this work. It allows me to be able pick up Jayden from school at midday and play with him in the afternoons. If I had an 8-5pm office job I wouldn’t be able to do that.

2012………………… you have been a little bit of a bitch, haven’t you? But you have taught me some valuable lessons and I have undergone a big change as a result. I have learnt to be a mom and wife as opposed to a sad infertile wife. I have realized my try potential as a business woman and how important my business is to me. I have learnt about friendships; what I want in my life and what I don’t want. Its been a bit of a wild ride!

2013…… better watch out……I’m coming for ya!!!!