There are two reasons for this post….

1.I want to write my frustrations down so I can organize them in my head.

2. I want a little advice, your honest opinion please.

Just a short note: I know that it is the end of the year and everyone is tired and moody. I know I am! I need a break badly and I have a very short fuse at the moment. This may contribute to the way I am feeling now, but I still think that I have some valid concerns.

If you have been reading for a while you will know that we had some drama with our nanny/domestic earlier this year. Basically I very wrongly assumed that our domestic could graduate to nanny very easily and I was sadly mistaken. We had to let her go and finally found someone to look after our fluffington during the day.

G, has been with us since July and I really cannot fault her care with Jayden. She plays with him, takes him for walks and they really get along very well. You can see she knows what she is doing, she is experienced and has worked as a nanny for over ten years. I really do trust her with J.

Now after what I have just said I may sound really pathetic in my next statement. I mean I have found someone really awesome and my son is safe and looked after……BUT, my house does not get cleaned, and I am growing more and more resentful of that fact.

I do know that you need to choose your battles with this type of thing, but I am really talking about the basics here. I could handle my house not being super clean. I could handle a little dust on the top of a cupboard, but I can’t handle the fact that there is dirt in plain sight that I end up cleaning on a weekend.

Here is an example of what I cleaned yesterday,

  • I vacuumed the carpet in our lounge and cleaned the laminate flooring.
  • I wiped down some of the window sills.
  • I wiped down our TV cabinet, coffee tables and dining room table.
  • I swept and mopped our outside braai area and wiped down all the tables and surfaces.
  • I cleaned all the surfaces in the study.

And these things seem to have to be attended to every weekend. It irritates me! Sure things do get done. Our clothes are washed and  ironed and the floors are mopped. The toilets and the kitchen get cleaned everyday and sometimes I hear a vacuum cleaning in the background, but I must admit, I expect more from someone who is here five days a week.

I know that J is a lot of work at the moment, and with that in mind I could make my peace with all of this, but I pay G very well, and it really grinds me that these things aren’t done.

So my first question is, are my expectations too high? What do you expect from a nanny/domestic looking after one child.

I know that things will change slightly next year as J will be starting playschool three mornings a week. This means that there will be more time to get things done, but I’ll then have an extremely well paid domestic worker.

So there is my vent! I’m still confused, am I being unrealistic? Is this what I should expect?

Your advice please ladies.