I arrived back from my first business trip as a mom on Sunday morning. I was away from my family for five sleeps and I missed them very much. My hubby looked after our boy while I was away and I am so proud of the brilliant job he did. He says it was tiring, but he enjoyed the bonding time with our boy. He is just such a sweet thing.

This trip was a huge first for me. A new experience that came with a few insights;

  • I really love being in the training room. It is so much nicer than being stuck behind a computer. I love the interaction and I love the learning exchange. Its so rewarding especially when you have given someone a great life skill to use in their jobs.
  • I still have a love hate relationship with travel. I love to experience new cultures and new places, but I would love to do more leisure travel (wouldn’t we all) because I only ever experience the inside of the hotel.
  • My diet went out the window and my body felt it. Its almost impossible to stay in a hotel and follow a diet. There were way too many carbs and fat consumed and I felt so bloated. The saying really IS true, you are what you eat.
  • I used to feel exhausted after a day in the training room, and I am still tired at the end of the day………but I was a lot less exhausted compared to a day running after a toddler. So my realization is that babies/toddlers/children are way more work than a day on your feet in the training room. I really have respect for stay at home moms.
  • My husband is a super star!!! He had everything under control; supper-bath-story-bed! No problem. I knew that he could do it, but I am so proud of him and so thankful to have him.
  • My family is awesome. Even though he was coping he got a call every night from someone to ask how he was doing; and on Saturday he had the support of my wonderful mom who took J off his hands for a couple of hours so he could watch the footie.
  • And lastly………….There is NO place like home.