It would be a lie for me to say that I don’t know why I delayed sleep training until Jayden was a year old. The process has taught me quite a lot about me as a parent.

Firstly, I’m happy to report that the sleep training is officially complete! It was really complete last Friday, but this week I have let our nanny put down for his afternoon naps, which I was doing last week. Thankfully there was no crying at all from about day three onwards and on day two it was minimal. He is now sleeping straight through the night, every night and it is fantastic for everyone.

And secondly, I have learnt a lot about myself during the process. You see, I have realised that I never want Jayden to cry or to be upset EVER. I want to be there by his side always and I never want him to feel alone or stressed. I am sure that every parent feels this way, its definately not only me, but the truth is that this is an unrealistic expectation. Our parents will always try to protect us from the hurt in the world, but they can’t protect us from everything; and this has been a difficult lesson for me to learn.

I found the crying involved in sleep training very difficult. My instinct is to go straight back and calm our son, but I have had to stop myself and remember why we are doing this. We aren’t letting him cry to be cruel, we are doing it so he can learn to self soothe, which is a very valuable tool for Jayden to have. There will be lots of things in life that he isn’t going to like, but that is life. Of course I will be there for him, but I also have to let him learn for himself. I feel that if I protect him to much he won’t learn these things and it will be to his detrement.

Of course I do realise that  lessons are age apprporiate and I don’t want Jayden to grow up too soon. A balanced aproach is the best really, which in itself is really difficult.

Last week there were quite a few posts on Toddlers and Tiarras, the tragic suicide of Amanda Todd, the use of social media and what we expose our children to and its left me with a lot to think about when it comes to how we will parent. There is so much out there that we need to protect our children from and of course we will do our best, but we simply can’t protect them from everything and that is a scary thought for me.

I leave you with this picture of Stephany from Lazy Town and I ask……..WHY??? Why is this picture even out there?