On the 15 September 2012 our boy took a step. We weren’t there to see it but ‘grampy’ told us about it and the very next day he did it again. From there he started taking two steps and then plonking down on his bum. Ten days later he was up to three steps and this week he really went for it. On Monday he started off with what looked almost like a run or very fast walk; which is quite nerve wracking for us as parents. I think he was experimenting and getting some momentum going before finally gaining more control with the steps. He now seems to be finding a little more balance and is taking as many steps as he can until he looses balance and plonks himself down on his bum.

He is officially walking!!! And he tries out his new skill as much as he can. His fearless aproach to this milestone has amazed me and the process from one small step to toddling across the room is awesome to watch.

I am loveing the toddler stage. It is hectic, but It seems we conect more and more every day on a different level. We can play and laugh and tickle and learn together and I am just finding it awesome. I am stunned at how I just fall deeper and deeper in love with this boy. It just seems to get better and better.

Here is a reminder of just how far we have come in the first year. These are photos from my mom’s blackberry. Enjoy!