Tomorrow morning is my first weigh in. I had to choose between Pilates and my weigh in last week and Pilates won hands down. So this weigh in will show me the effects of two weeks of weigh less. My scale at home tells me that I 2kg’s down so far, so I am expecting about the same tomorrow.

I had a terrible weekend. I stuck to the diet religiously from Mon to Thursday and then it all fell apart on Friday…badly. We went to me cousins birthday party and I just went friggin mad. There was even KFC involved on the way home, oh dear. But in truth I did expect to fall of the bus. I know that if I stick to this 24/7 I will loose quicker, but I don’t see that happening. Weekends are for relaxing a little bit, I just need to decide on just how ‘relaxed’ the weekends are going to be.

In the meantime I have learnt a few things about myself. Here goes;

  • I have developed some really bad habits in the last decade. My portions are waaaaay to big and I am a carb freak.
  • I am an emotional eating. I have had a few low days this week and its been so tempting to just have a bowl of ice-cream or something naughty, but I haven’t, and I am proud of that.
  • I have asked myself where exactly this weight comes from and sjoe……I have some stuff to process. Its all eating cycle of destruction.
  • I am an all or nothing dieter. If I cheat I go all the way, and this is a BIG habit that I need to break, especially if I want to keep the weigh off.

So, there is stir fry for dinner tonight…..roll on tomorrow.