I have a soft spot for a charity that makes a difference. When I am feeling a bit low I constantly remind my self how lucky I am to have the things I have in my life. A happy healthy family, a roof over my head, a full tummy and lots of great friends.

If you have been following me for a while you’ll know how important my family is to me. My cousins and I are really close. We are seriously like best friends and we spend tons of time together, it’s a very rare and special connection.

One member of this superb group is my cousin Ashley. He’s a cool guy. Works hard, plays hard and has some has some serious ambition. Every year he rides the 94.7 for charity and I am so proud of his dedication. Not only does he work on getting his body in shape so he can finish the race he also suites up in a snazzy smurf’s outfit. There is an entire cycling team of these smurfs and they do really well to raise money for a specific charity every year.

This year they are raising money for Rainbows and Smiles which is a charity that supports children with cancer and their families. They are battling to get to their target this year and they really need our help.

Each cyclist has pledged to raise R5000 for this charity and my dear cuz has asked for my help. Even a donation of R20 will be much appreciated………..and if you don’t have the cash right now you can also give at the end of the month.

So I am asking, please give a little to these awesome smurfs. They are doing good helping to deliver rainbows and smiles.

Go Smurf Ashley!!!

If you are keen to donate please e-mail me on ssskrambled@gmail.com and I will send you more details.