Honestly, my word for 2012 should have been SELF DISCIPLINE! I give in way to easily and I am full of excuses. Since my Hot Mama post I have lost a grant total of ZERO KG’S. At least I haven’t put on any!

My excuses are as follows;

  • Jayden and I have both been sick.
  • I have been busy
  • Ummm, I forget the third one.

In truth I have just been totally undisciplined. I have been drinking wine, eating chips and enjoying chocolate, it is as simple as that!

So yesterday I decided that I needed to add an element of accountability to my goal. Weigh less has worked for me in the past, and so I decided that this was the answer and signed up. According to my current weight and my height I have 16kg’s to loose, which makes my goal weight 58kgs. That was my weight when I got married and I looked like this……..

At the moment it seems like an unatainable goal, mostly because I haven’t achieved that kind of weight loss in a very long time. I have bad habits that are seriously hard wired in my brain and it is going to take a lot of SELF DISCIPLINE to form new healthy ones. I can only imagine, in my wildest dreams the feeling of accomplishment I will have if I even manage 10 kg’s.

Weigh less breaks your weight loss goal down into ten steps so that it doesn’t seem so daunting. My first goal is to loose 1.8kgs, which seems very attainable. Once I have done this I move on to the next step. I will be creating a weight loss log on a separate page to give me even more accountability.

I am serious about this goal. I just need to get my self discipline problem sorted.

Wish me luck!