Thanks so much for your coments on my last post.I really love your comments. They really give me a nice 360 degree view.

My heart says go for it! I can see that my boy will be ready and it is an awesome school. If it doesn’t work out we can always take him out. The nanny will still be here as a back up plan.

I haven’t given you a Jayden update in a long time. So here it is;

Age: Eleven Months! Bloody scary.

Eating: We seem to be in an inbetween stage. I am including finger food as part of each meal time because J is showing a strong interest in feeding himself. However I worry that he won’t get enough of everything in if he just has the finger food and it takes forever for him to eat. So I let him nibble for a bit and then feed him something. He is much happier if he has his own spoon and lately he has been sticky the spoon in the bowl and trying to scoop the food. Eating is generally going well, but we still have ‘yoghurt days’. Sometimes yoghurt is just easier.

We got him a big boy table and chairs with a colourful placemat as part of his first birthday present. I am starting to introduce this as a new eating space. He sits in the chair for about ten minutes and munches a few pieces of toast, but he seems to enjoy it.

The Nanny: Gina has been working for us for two months. She really is good and we are very happy with her. She gives Jayden lots of attention and is really good with him. Moving on from the first nanny was the best decision. I have great confidence in Gina and I trust her, which means that I can focus more at home. I must say though, it is still difficult to focus completely with Jayden in the background, but thats par for the course. The house work is definately not getting the attention it needs, but my boy is happy and well looked after……so who cares.

Sleeping: We seem to be having a good streak at the moment. We have to wake up once or twice for some dummy duty, but nothing hectic at all. We did go through a rough stage about a month ago, but J had a throat infection and wasn’t eating very well. As soon as that was sorted he settled and everything has been on track.

Milestones: Our boy has been pulling himself up on furniture since he was about ten months. He is really steady now and sometimes he casually takes his hand/hands off what he is leaning on and stands for a few seconds. I don’t think he even realises what he is doing. He cruises along the furniture and around his play pen which is very cute. I know I shouldnt say this, but I am sure he will walk before the December holidays! There I said it!

And that is about it Folks.

Its less than a month until the Party!! Ye haaaa!!