I keep going back and forth between the decision to send Jayden to playschool in January or to keep him at home a bit longer.

I started investigating schools when we were having nanny problems and I was quite disappointed at what I came across. BUT, thanks to Sharon I found a wonderful school for Jayden. It is the same school as the beautiful Ava Grace goes to. Its clean, it has small classes and great equipment for the children. It’s really great and I really want Jayden to go there.

He will be fifteen months in January and I am convinced that he will be ready by then. His little personality is proving to be quite social and I reckon he will love the social interaction. I want to start out with just three mornings a week and I will still have our current nanny with us to look after him in the afternoons.

Most of the people I have spoken to think that this is a good idea, but then on Saturday I spoke to a family friend of ours who works in the peads unit of a hospital. She reckons I will regret it and should really keep him home for as long as I possibly can.

Jayden has been properly sick twice in his life so far. And when I say properly sick I don’t mean anything too serious at all. Nothing that needed for him to be admitted into hospital at least!
My point is that he is a pretty healthy child and I don’t want to ruin that.

I love the idea of him going to school. I like the idea of him singing songs and playing with other kids. Am I making a mistake?

What are your experiences?