When we bought our house we knew that we had a lot of work to do. Its definately a fixer-upper but that doesn’t bug us. Actually my husband loves the fact that he can emerse himself in some DIY over the weekends. I am not so enthuisiastic, and I tend to spend the morning out with my mom. That way I can let him get on with it. But I can’t really complain! He is really handy around the house and that is a huge plus. We decided that the first project had to be our study. We had old furniture and it just didn’t feel like a proper workspace. Hubby also works from home quite often and so we really had to make it a comfortable place for two people to work. Being on a bit of a budget we have to do things slowly. A little bit each month. We started with the painting and then upgraded the workspace. This weekend we started painting the old  furniture we have and creating a bookcase on the wall. DJ did this by cutting up my old desk and using the wood to make boxes that can be mounted on the wall. Its looking really nice so far and I plan to add a really personal touch by mosaicing some of the edges. On Sunday evening we took a step back and had a good look at the weekends efforts.

And our first thought……………..

Do you find the shape of these boxes suggestive??????

Or do we just have filthy minds?