I got nominated by Sharon and TJ for this blog award. Thanks Gals!

Most of you know me pretty well, so I think I am going to battle to tell you something new. Anyway, here goes;

1. I am not very agile. I am terrified of walking on uneven ground when it come to inclines and declines. I always feel like I am going to fall and I end up holding onto any branches or long grass that is around me. As a result I don’t go hiking with people who don’t understand my phobia. In fact the only person I go with is my husband. He seems to have the patience to wait for me.

2. I would have loved to be a professional dancer. It was my dream to be part of the cast of CATS.

3. I hate putting my head under the water when I swim. I used to do ‘crawl’ with my head above water. It really stunted the swimming lessons I went for.

4. I am a wine snob. I can’t stand box wine or light wine. They taste like pure yeast. I get really irritated when we go somewhere and they only serve Overmeer (The worst wine in the world) by the glass.

5. I am incredibly hard on myself. It is my biggest flaw and I am working hard to find a healthy balance.

6. Fainting goats make me laugh till I cry. I know, I know…..I shouldn’t laugh….but I can’t help myself. It is the weirdest phenomenon ever.

7. I still read vigilantcitizen.com. I find his observations very interesting.

I think that everyone has been nominated by now……So I’ll just say Happy Friday Bleeps.