I still can’t believe how blessed I am to be the mother of this child. He is an absolute gift and I am so honoured.

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This morning, while doing some more organising for Jayden’s party I reflected a bit on where I was last year this time. So much has changed and we really have truely been blessed.

Last year this time;

  • We had sold our house and we were planning a move for early August.
  • I was working on organising my cousins bachelorette party.
  • And I was waiting for that call; very patiently.

I wrote a post on Time.

This morning, FB reminded me just how time flies once again. Last year this time I remember a friend anouncing the birth of her daughter and today there were photos of her first birthday. I can’t believe how much can change in a year. Decisions are made, things happen, life changes. And then a two year wait doesn’t seem so long…….Sometimes I actually feel that I can handle that. I tell myself that I will just keep busy and before we know it we will get the call. I tell myself its not the right time, maybe we should move into our new house first. Maybe I should enjoy…… being able to meet a friend for some wine at the drop of a hat…….sleeping in………spending quality time with my husband alone.

And little did I know that in less than two months we would be getting that call! Its actually amazing.

I walked into our old Spar yesterday to buy some Milk and Bread and all I could remember were those terrible infertile feelings. But I smiled because it is all over and I will never feel that way again.