Some of you may remember a post that I wrote about 2 years ago about hope. The hope that we have when creating our families. Whether it is the hope to fall pregnant naturally or via IVF, or the creation of a family using donor sperm or eggs. Or the hope in using a surrogate or pursuing adoption. On this path we have very little if we don’t have hope. In the tough times our hope is scarce, but it is still there, if it wasn’t we wouldnt try.

In that post I spoke about the words I had heard from a very wise man. Words that gave me hope.

Years ago when we first started this journey I received some very wise words and I have never ever forgotten them. We had just had our second failed IVF with my eggs and I was chatting to a friend and her father about the use of donor eggs. He is a very religious man and his words to me were very wise. “Don’t limit the miracle.” For me this meant that any child is a miracle and for me to insist that the child came from my own eggs would be a limitation in that miracle. They were hard words for me to swallow at the time, but to this day I believe that  they were the most wise words I have ever been offered.

These days,  I am reminded of these wise words whenever I look at my son, but I am reminded of them in a slightly different context, because there is nothing limited about the miracle that is Jayden. He is everything that I ever wanted. He is perfect. He is beautiful, and he is ours. I wouldnt change a thing and I would cry all of those tears over and over again for him.

We were waiting for a miracle and we certainly got one. He is a miracle of epic proportions!!!!!