The more mobile Jayden gets the more he outgrows his ‘baby-baby’ toys. He is crawling like a champ now as well as pulling himself up on everything that he can. As a result I decided that some of his toys should be packed away. He has clearly outgrown them and is moving on to an older set of toys. I was quite sad to have to pack away the small baby stuff, it seems like that part went so fast. I reckon we definitely need to use all that stuff again in the future. It seems like such a waste for just one child. 😉

So here is a little illustration of what Jayden thinks is cool right now and other stuff that is sooo last month.

Stuff that is sooo last month.

Rattles and playmats – These are no fun anymore mom.

My bouncy chair – I mean, why do I want to be in here when I can MOVE!!!

Mobiles – I don’t want to watch things move, I wanna MOVE.


Things that are cool right now.

Balls and things with wheels – They move, I move, they are cool.

Things that make noise – Baby finger on the ipad is my favourite.

TV remotes and cellphones – The buttons are fascinating.

PS. We had a good night on Monday night when Jayden slept right through, but last night he kept my husband up. I think it’s a phase that we just have to get through.