I have been blogging since May 2008! It seems like just the other day, when in fact it is over four years ago…Wowzer! I’ve loved blogging because it has really helped me to process my feelings around infertility and adoption. I have worked through so many problems in my head and I have grown and changed. I have met some awesome people. Relationships have been formed and some have grown into friendships.

Its so awesome how this story of mine has unfolded. When my blog was called ‘Skrambled’ I was hoping to get my BFP (Big Fat Positive) through the use of donor eggs, but I shared only heartache. Three attempts, two negatives and one chemical pregnancy. I felt that I needed a change and a new start so I changed my blog to ‘Waiting for a Miracle’. I blogged there about the process of adoption screening and how painful the wait was. And then our waiting ended! We got the call and I moved over to ‘A Love Beyond Measure’. A blog dedicated to my son and his awesomeness.

When I started blogging I was very private about my blog when it came to family members and friends. I only told a few family members and friends about my blog. I know that some are still reading and I am not sure about some of the others. Looking back, I had nothing to hide, but I felt that some people felt that I needed to just get over it and I didn’t want thier judgement. This is one of the things that make infertility such a lonely place to be in.

I have been a little more out there with my blog recently in that I decided to publicize my posts to twitter. Which means that all my followers have access to my blog and maybe even read the posts. This includes some friends and family members that haven’t revealed themselves. I have no problem with them reading my blog and maybe I am even being a bit narcisistic in thinking they are even interested in reading my blog.

So I would like to ask…..

Do I have any new followers that have found me via twitter?


Do I have any new followers that have found me in other ways? And if so, how did you find me?

Please reveal yourselves. šŸ™‚ Just so I know that you are there.