Last week was a bit of a nightmare, and I am beating myself up a bit for feeling the pressure so badly.

Our new nanny was fantastic. She cleaned the house beautifully and she was really great with J. On Wednesday night I told my husband how nice it was to have reliable help and how much more relaxed I felt. And then I got an sms at nine pm to say that she had just arrived home and her husband says she can’t work for us anymore. WTF!!

The wierd thing is that she left her at 5pm and she lives in Diepsloot which is close to us. About 20mins drive in a car. AND her husband picked her up in his car. I smsed her back and assured her that we could discuss different working hours if the current ones were a problem……… reply. The next day I called her, left a message, smsed her………no reply. The agency tried to get hold of her, no reply. I’m left feeling that I wasn’t given the real reason for her leaving and I feel really angry that she wasn’t honest with me. I know it sounds dramatic, but it really messed with my mind. Was J too busy for her? Did she not like us? Did our previous maid threaten her? Who knows.

I looked after J for Thursday and Friday, which meant that I didn’t manage to do any work. The frustration built up badly and lead to a huge blow up with hubby on Friday.

Thankfully I interviewed three potential new Nannies on Friday and Saturday and found one that I like. They were all nice actually, but I offered the job to the one I felt most comfortable with. She is a little more expensive, but hopefully worth it. I just friggin hope she stays.

I am hoping for a better week. Please!