Friday was a stressful day.

Our little talk did not go smoothly at all, but I didn’t really expect it to either.

There were many tears which turned to yelling and lastly to threats of the CCM.A. She will probably try and take us to the CCM.A, but we have been fair in paying her for her work in June as well as a months’ notice.

She refused to take her pay on Friday, so we are arranging to take it to her tomorrow. Then we can put this all to rest in our minds and move on completely.

Sheesh, I understand that this is an emotional issue, but I do find the reaction a little OTT. We were accused of being racist and Xenophobic, which I think is totally unreasonable. And quite frankly it confirms my decision to move on.

Our new nanny starts on Thursday and I am so excited about it. She really is so nice and she is really excited to be working for us.

So we are moving on!!! Here’s to a new start!!!