After the last incident with our nanny/domestic we decided that she had to go and we have stuck to our decision. Last week Wednesday I interviewed three Nannies from a very good agency and found someone that I absolutely love. I actually knew that she was THE ONE as soon as I looked at her CV. I offered her the job the next day after speaking to her references and she happily accepted.

So today is the day that I need to give our current nanny/domestic the news. We decided to tell her on her last day as I am not comfortable with her looking after our son once she knows that she is on her way out.

I hate conversations like these. They are so uncomfortable and I am envisioning all kinds of reactions.

A: Holding onto Jayden while sobbing uncontrolably

B: Tears accompanied by a look of shock.

C: Anger! (This one I am dreading the most)

D: Begging and pleading.

Anthing could happen. I’ve got about two hours until it all happens.

I have made sure that I wine in the house!!!