For the last week J has been opening his mouth and bringing his face towards ours. We wondered what he was trying to do. Suck our nose? Taste us? We suspected that he was trying to give us a kiss, but we weren’t sure. We kiss him on his cheeks a lot, and so we wondered if he was trying to imitate us. And then last night something really special happened.

J had just had his bath and DJ was holding him. We were in the kitchen discussing what to make for super and then it happened. My boy leaned forward, pressed his lips to my cheek and pulled away again. My husband said, “I think you just got a kiss!” I had to give my boy a huge cuddle and my eyes just welled up with tears. I would like to think that he knows that the gesture is a symbol of love and caring. Its definately an imitation of what we do to him. So precious.

This morning my husband recieved a kiss too.What a beautiful, magical moment!