Our entire family was struck by the sniffles last week. First it was hubby who arrived home early from work on Friday and went straight to bed. Next was the youngest member of our clan, who started with a blocked nose on Saturday and  then of course my immune system gave in on Monday.

It was a pretty miserable week, especially when our fluffington started vomiting and pooping around Tuesday. This was really the first time that our boy has really been sick. He has had a small case of the sniffles before, but this was the real thing and it wasn’t pleasant. That feeling of helplessness as a parent really sucks. There is only so much that you can do to relieve the ickyness, and as a parent I wished I could just suck all the sickness out of my boy and make him better.

We ended up learning a few valuable lessons too;

  1. Jayden HATES having his nose wiped. You would swear we were trying to remove his nose!!!
  2. Our pead is great. I phoned thier nurse twice and she gave me great advice.
  3. Probiotics are GREAT for a runny tummy.
  4. Its a true bonding experience between mom and son or dad and son. Lots of comfort was given and I could feel just how much our boy trusts us and finds comfort in us.
  5. Sick baby = extreme protective mom.

And the biggest lesson, I have no trust in our nanny.

When the going gets tough……the weaknesses are blarringly obvious! I ended up spending most of my time looking after Jayden or checking up on Jayden last week. Thursday was the absolute worst day and was proof that I can’t continue this way. I need someone reliable and trustworthy. Someone that I trust to do the right thing for my son and someone that I actually like. (I did like her in the begining, but she has made me so angry now that the frienship is OVER)

I’m annoyed with myself for leaving it this long, but I supose sometimes life has its own process. I thought that it would be ok as long as I was here to correct the wrongs and make sure everything was ok. But at the end of the day it creates much more stress for me when I need to focus.

So, life lesson learnt.

Always trust your instinct as a mom and do not underestimate how important it is to trust your nanny.

Toodles!! xxx