Food Glorious Food!

Its not really going as well as I thought it would. I thought that we would have established a really nice three meal a day routine, but its not happening. I know I shouldn’t stress about it. I have spoken to other moms and their advice is just to be patient… will happen, but I find myself feeling a bit frustrated and asking myself WHY???

I’m sure Jayden has come to know me as ‘that woman with the spoon’, because I am there with a spoon a lot. Pulling funny faces, doing the airplane and even…….(don’t tell the mommy police) sneaking a spoonful in when he yawns or moans a bit. Although that really doesn’t work out well for me when it turns out to be a sneeze. 🙂

We have just emerged from two weeks of bottles only where I really was ‘that lady with the spoon’ and would offer him something to eat whenever an opportunity presented itself. The only reason that I could think of for this lack of appetite was that his teeth were hurting him. He did the same thing when he was cutting his bottom two and started eating again shortly after they were through. But no teeth have presented themselves this time and the refusal of solids has gone hand in hand with two weeks of disturbed sleep. I spoke to the Baby Sense lady at the baby show last week and she told me that he may not be sleeping because of a lack of protein, and I actually felt like a really crap mom as a result, but if he doesn’t want the food, I can’t force him to eat it!!

This week Jayden is eating again, but he really doesn’t eat a lot at all. A very small amount of cereal in the morning, (about a tablespoon full), a larger amount for lunch (A stage two purity) and he almost always refuses supper.

My worry is the fact that it is such a mission to get him to eat. Sometimes he will flat out refuse whatever is on offer until I get him to taste it by putting a little on my finger. If he likes what he tastes he will start to open his mouth like a little bird, but if he doesn’t there is no chance. He also seems absolutely happy to taste something that he can feed himself. Give him a teething biscuit, some banana or a piece of apple and there is no problem.

Is this normal?

He is eight months today, which means that we have been on solids for three months now. Shouldn’t we be doing a little better than this?