I have been meaning to write a post about this for sooooo long. About seven months actually…… πŸ™‚

There were so many special post infertility memories made after Jayden came into our lives. He has healed our hearts in so many ways. He is such a lovely, beautiful, wonderful gift.

The Handbag Pram

The first funny little memory took place at the airport when we went down to Cape Town. We were very blessed in that my mom had bought us a pram the December before. So one of the BIG things we had to get was out of the way. We took our pram with us to collect our little fluffington and it was very amusing to wach the reactions of people when they saw us pushing an empty pram through Cape Town International. In fact the pram served us well as a handbag carrier. We got a lot of funny looks from people when they looked inside the pram only to find ….a handbag. The contrasting experience when coming back to JHB was the best. People now looked into the pram and saw a little little baby, our baby, what a feeling! It was so sureal. We arrived with a pram and a handbag and returned with our son! The concept still makes me smile.

The cake tin.

I was under the impression that I had to sterlise our bottles in Miltons AND in the microwave. So I sent DJ to the shops to buy a few things. One of them included some sort of plastic container to put the Miltons in. Well this turned out to be……a cake tin. I discovered this back at the B & B when I tried to sterilise the bottles and the dam thing started leaking. I must admit that it did look like a big plastic bowl at first glance and it took me a few minute to figure out why it was leaking. We had a good laugh when we realised what it was!

More memories to come ….later.