Let me write all this down before I forget….

The peadiatrician appointment went well this morning. I love our Pead. You can see that he loves children and J is so calm with him. All in all J is a ‘perfect pumpkin’, as our pead calls him. His head circumfrance is larger than normal for his age so he checked out some neurological stuff to be sure, but everything is absolutely 100% fine. He just has a big head. šŸ™‚

I asked him about the vomiting. Aparently I am giving him too much milk and I need to cut down on the mls. By nine months he should only be drinking 600mls a day and at the moment he is drinking between 800ml and one litre. The vomiting in the evening is simply due to an ‘overload’ and build up during the day. So I am decreasing the mls in his bottles and staying with the same amount of bottles per day. I will also try a small bedtime bottle.

His next two teeth will be on their way in the next month, and he guesstimates his weight to be about 8,5kgs – They had a power failure so thier scales weren’t working.

While I was there I also asked him about walking rings and I was very suprised when he told me that they are actually fine. He agreed that as long as they are used in moderation they are ok. He recomends 45 mins twice a day….which I am not even close to.

Next time we will see him is when J is one year…..and I can’t believe that its only in five months. Holy Moly!!!