I think its time for a catch-up on all things Jayden. 🙂

Teething: Jayden has his two bottom teeth, but it seems that he definately has some more coming through. The teething has really interfered with the solids (I think) and we have some days where he will eat well and others when he refuses everything but his bottle. I have tried teejel, pansoral, ashton’s powers, nurofen and empaped, and there is nothing that I can REALLY say has helped. The only thing he really enjoys is a good old chew on…….. his plastic spoon, a piece of carbonossi or biltong or a starter toothbrush. I feel fustrated that I can’t help him more. Last night I remembered Vidol, which I think I’ll try.

Walking rings: I bought a walking ring which I intended to use minimally……and then I read a thread on fertilicare on the use of them. I am now totally confused. I have spoken to many mothers and the general feedback is that it is a personal choice. My primary reason for getting one was so that J would have another seat-type place to sit in during the day after he got sick of his Bumbo or bouncy chair, but now I am wondering if he really needs it. He is sitting so well now and he really likes to sit and play with some toys or be on his tummy and roll. My gut tells me that I don’t need it, but on the other hand it is nice for ten minutes while I cook supper or have a bath. KWIM.

Nanny stuff: Everything is OK. We are all getting along fine now and we have found our groove. This topic deserves a post of its own though. Its coming soon!

First birthday party:I have decided that I am going for it with the birthday party.I know that J won’t remember it …… But its for me!!!!! OK! 🙂 I have chosen a nice venue and I think I am going for a BuzzBee theme from The Hive.

Jayden smiles at BuzzBee everytime he comes on the TV screen.  Here is a picture of him smiling at BuzzBee this morning.

…….He love to cuddle Bella.

Sleeping: Do babies have bad dreams? Last night was so wierd. Jayden cried out every 15 minutes until about eight pm. When we went to check on him his eyes were closed, it was almost as if he was having a night mare. I did some reading up on night terrors and aparently they are only suposed to happen from twelve months. Its very strange, and heartbreaking for us. Otherwise he is sleeping through the night from about 6:30/7:00 to 4:30/5:30. Its difficult to get him down for nap times, but I am blaming it on the teething.

Eating: We are going for a pead check up on Friday and my biggest concern is eating. I am a little concerned that Jayden is still eating very little solids and I want to know if this is due to the teething or if it is something else. He has also started vomiting up his night time bottle. This has happened during the day, but not often and its become more of a regular thing over the last week. Its not every night, but its becoming more frequent. Am I feeding him to much milk in one feed? I certainly don’t force him to drink his whole bottle. Or is it maybe a reaction to something he has eaten earlier in the day? I just don’t know, but I am paying close attention to what happens this week so I can ask the pead some questions.

Any thoughts?