I am currently experiencing a rather frustrating motherhood milestone. I have a teething baby boy who I suspect also has a cold. This results in my happy sweet boy being replaced with a miserable moody boy.

About two weeks ago, I noticed that Jayden had a stuffy nose. He was quite weepy and moody and it was clear that he wasn’t feeling himself. He didn’t have a high fever so I treated his stuffy nose with some illiadan and used the humidifier. I also gave him one dose of coryx…..which the chemist told me was fine….only to discover that it is only reccomended from 2 years old. FFS!!!!! He seemed to get better and then cheered up a bit.

Then last week the teething started. Proper teething! I can see and feel the culprit (his first tooth) and it is obviously bugging him a lot. I have tried……Ashton’s powders, Prodol and Pancerol and it really doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. On the weekend we got some Neurofen syrup…..which I supose gave him some relief, but he is still miserable and moody. He has the necklace too…..he is still moody. And now the stuffy nose seems to be back.

It seems that my boy is having a rough time and there doesn’t seem to much I can do about it…….beside what I am already doing.

This morning he woke up in a fabulous mood, but refused his bottle and his cereal. Needless to say his mood slowly deteriorated. Ethel finally got him to have a bottle and go for a nap, but we are still non the wiser as to why he refused to eat.

Sometimes it would be nice to have a baby manual…….just saying.