A couple of weeks ago I had a very embarassing experience at Pilates. There is one exercise that I always battle with, its called a roll up. You begin by lying on your back with your arms streched above your head. You lift your arms, then head and chest and then come up into a sitting position. Like so……

Now you may think that this looks easy, but it really isn’t. The goal is to use your stomach muscles only to pull yourself up. Legs must stay flat on the floor too. Some ofย  the ladies in my class can do it with ease, but I find it very difficult.

A couple of weeks ago I was really trying to get it right and so I was really exerting myself to roll up. The instructor was standing next to me encouraging me….and then it happened. I farted!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was so embarassing!!! And the instructor just said woooooopsy!!! and moved on.

My husband has really enjoyed teasing me about it. He now calls it poopilates.

Anyway, today I learnt that I am not the only one that this happens to. We were lying down doing leg streches and the instructor came over to the the lady next to me. The instructor must have corrected something and then it happened. A small noise and then an embarassed giggle.

I kept my eyeline straight and didn’t acknowledge that I had noticed …….At least its not just me.