Its Monday again AND it’s the last week of March. The year is flying.

I had the most delicious weekend with my son. We cuddled and we laughed and we spent some great time just BEING together. It’s the first weekend where everything seemed calm. We didn’t have to be anywhere, we didn’t have to see anyone, we just spent time together as a family…Chilling. My favourite thing to do with Jayden is to put a blanket outside in the shade and sit in the garden. I take his elephant shaped pillow and some toys and we just chill and chat and have fun. He loves it because he can roll around and look at all the different colours. Bella (our dog) always joins us and Jayden LOVES to be around her. It was such a lovely bonding weekend.

Here are some pics.


We celebrated two big milestones this weekend. Jayden turned six months on Saturday. That means I have less than six months to plan his first birthday party. I keep on going back and forth between a proper kids party or a small family get together at home. The first birthday is definitely more for us to celebrate, and that is why I am thinking small family thing, but I am guaranteed to change my mind again….and again. The six month mark brought my thoughts to our birth mother. I wondered how she was doing. I hope that she knows how loved our son is. I hope that she is reaching some sort of peace. I think of her a lot.

The second milestone…..THE FIRST TOOTH.  I can see it and I can feel it! I need to go and get an amber teething necklace. I have looked for one over the past few weeks, but it just happens that each shop I go to is out of stock on that day. I will find one this week.

I have been a non smoker for a month, except for one small slip at my cousins wedding. 😦 I don’t want to start again, but I must admit I am battling. I have no idea what is wrong with me at the moment, but I just feel like crying and my skin is breaking out in pimples. I have a few things on my mind that are bugging me, but they shouldn’t lead to this level of depression. Maybe I just need a break. I don’t know. We are going away for our first family holiday in two weeks time. Hopefully that will sort me out.

I did a lot of exercise last week and this week I plan to continue. I haven’t lost anymore weight, but I have lost centimetres. I am wearing my smaller clothes this week (the ones that didn’t previously fit comfortably) to remind me to exercise and eat less. This week’s plan…..2 x Pilates sessions, 1 x Zumba and 1x Spinning.

Have a great week!!!!