It happened yesterday, and I feel so bad. My perfect boy bumped his perfect little head.  We both cried!!!! SOB! SOB! SOB! SOB!

There is a bookshelf above Jaydens cot. We realise now that it is a pretty stupid place to put a bookshelf. I was putting Jayden down for a nap and picked him up from his cot to give him a cuddle. And that is when it happened……I bumped his precious head on the side of the bookshelf. It was an acident and I feel so bad! He cried! I cried! …..and DJ consoled both of us.

I never want my boy to cry! And I never ever want his tears to be as a result of something that I have done. It was an accident…..and accidents happen, but arent they horrible. I wish I could wrap my boy in cotton wool for the rest of his live. I love him so much.

Its needless to say that the bookshelf is being moved immediatly!!