YAY!!!!! I made it a whole seven smoke free days. Another week and things should start to get easier. The weekend was tough, but not as tough as I expected. I am definately in the right mind set. I have quit many many times…..and I have realised just how important that mindset is. If you are not in the right space, it is unlikely to work.

Both hubby and I have gone off the Zyban. It was driving us insane!!! I actually think it made us more moody than the nicotine withdrawal. And on top of that it made me feel sick and sleepy…not good! The final straw was when I asked my mom to find out about the interaction between Zyban and Fluoextine (my anti-depressant) from the chemist at the hospital she works at. Aparently the two definatley ‘do not play well together’ and so I made the decision to just come off it.

And now I feel much better!!!

Here’s to many more non smoking days for me. I’m not going to mention it again until I have hit a month!!!!