Its my first non smoking day. We have been on Zyban for a week so this is our first quit day. I must say I am not convinced that the zyban makes any difference at all. My husband says that he feels quite relaxed about stopping, but he has never really battled to stop in the past so I am not sure that the Zyban is responsible. It made me feel very irritated last week. I also felt naseous and had palpitations….urgh, but I am sticking with it. I have to stop smoking and I am going to do it this time!!!!! We have also decided to stay away from smokers for at least a month. I know I will be in smoking situations in the future, but for the moment I am giving myself that extra benefit so that its not that painful. Here we go……

And in other news, we have a rolling baby. He is rolling in both directions and really loves it. He seems so proud that he can do it and gives us a big smile when he gets on to his tummy. As a result of this new found mobility he does not want to be in his bouncy chair or his bumbo. He wants to be in a place where he can move. We had him outside on a blanket yesterday and he LOVED it rolling and rolling and rolling …… We are going to have to watch him on the bed now, I don’t want him rolling off it.

And lastly, an update on my nanny situation. Thanks for the comments on my last post. Hubby and I discussed it and we have come up with a plan. Ultimately we both have to feel comfortable with Ethel and we have to trust her, we’ll make our final decision based on those feelings. We sat her down on Friday and spoke to her about our concerns. We emphasised that Jayden comes before any housework and let her know that we will not shout at her if the housework is not done because she is having a rough day with Jayden. I put together an updated contract for her and I put together a list of rules for looking after Jayden. Now, she has two weeks. I’ll be at home everyday taking note of her performance and at the end of two weeks we will make a decision. If we decided that things have improved we will send her on the childcare course, but if we don’t we will have to ‘let her go’. I have alreay recieved some CV’s from an agency, so I know that there are other options out there.

She isn’t a bad person, and Iwould love for this to work out. I really don’t want her to loose her job, but my son comes first. I’ve realised that she probably knows less than I thought she did about babies and therfore needs some strong guidance. If she responds to this guidance, great, if not……it will be very unfortunate.

So its going to be an interesting week.