I went to the gym last week and I weighed myself……

I have lost 5kgs!!! The only thing is, I have no idea how I did that, or when I did that. But it has definately inspired me to do more.

On Saturday I got out my bag of size 14 clothes and tried them on AND THEY FIT! Some of them are a little snug, but I reckon another couple of kilos and they will be fine. I also decided to treat myself to a really nice dress for my cousins wedding in March. Its been such a long time since I did that! It felt good.

I started Pilates a month ago and I am LOVING IT! I don’t think it is the reason for the weight loss because it is only a beginners class and its only once a week, but from March I will be doing the intermediate class twice a week. The thing I love abput Pilates is the strength it gives you. It reminds me very much of the type of strength I built up when I did dancing. I would so love to be limber and strong again and so I’m carrying on. The Pilates studio happens to be across the road from my house, so its very convenient and the teacher only takes a maximum of five ladies per class. So I am gaurenteed to get the personal attention I need to make sure I am doing everything properly.

And then of course the last thing I need to do is…..Stop smoking.

Hubby an I have started Zy.ban from today and we stop next week Monday. I am hoping the Zy.ban works as well as everyone says.

Happy Happy days!!!