Its been two and a half weeks since Ethel has taken over looking after J during the day and I am still not comfortable. I’m not hectically unhappy, but the trust that I thought would develop is simply not there. The feelings I have leave me wondering…….

Is she the right person for the job?

Am I being too fussy?

Am I expecting too much?

The most evident problem is that she isn’t picking up on Jayden’s cues. There have been many times that I have had to tell her that he is hungry or tired. I would have thought that she would be able to pick those things up by now and its really frustrating me. Today ended with my boy being so tired that I had to put him down for a nap at 4:30pm. Normally he would have had at least one nice long nap (90mins) during the day and maybe two short (30 min) naps. Today he had two 30 min naps and has ended up moody and overstimulated.

I do understand that he is going to have his difficult days, but my concerns are more about the fact that she just doesn’t seem to be nuturing and tender with Jayden. The other day she was trying to put him to sleep with the radio on high volume, the  mobile going and the curtains wide open. Her explaination was that she was trying to tire him out so that he would go to sleep. I showed her what to do, for the second time and he went to sleep.

It also seems that housework comes first, even though I have told her on more than one ocasion that Jayden comes first. Today she simply put Jayden in his cot and left him there so she could finish mopping the floors. I asked her where he was and told her that she can’t simply leave him there and listen to him over the monitor.

I’m frustrated. Some days are fine and others are really a challenge. I find myself stepping in because I can hear that she really just doesn’t know what to do. We are sending her on a childcare course in March, maybe things will improve by then, but for now things are a little rocky. I supose that I thought this would just all fall into place and she would find her groove, but it doesn’t seem to be going in that direction.

I am not feeling like he is in any danger, but I’m not feeling 100%

Am I expecting too much? Maybe I need to give it more time……but how much time????

Advice please!!!