This morning we had a pead check up and everything is looking really good. My fluffington is 6.8kgs and he has gotten taller and is now measuring 65cm. Doc says that his teeth still have about six weeks until they start pushing through, although the saliva glands have kicked in and may cause some discomfort on his gums… teethers and tee gel will help with that. We can start introducing solids a month from now (which will be fun), and of course I must continue with the introduction of water. He is happy with his growth and says we have a lovely pumkin!!!! – His words! He is so funny.

I’m having an irritated day with my nanny, but I’m sure that I will have those days. I think I’m probably irritated in general today because I have a lot of house issues to sort out this week and she is in my line of fire. I had to tell her that he was hungry earlier, becasue I can hear that that particular cry is a hungry cry…..but I suppose this is only her fourth day of  looking after him so I have to be patient. I have said it before – I wish I could just clone myself to do both jobs, but this is the reality and I need to make it work. It will take time for me to feel totally comfortable with this new arrangement. At the end of the day he is cared for and safe, and I am here with him. What more can I ask for?

I find some peoples advice irritating! Its not the advice, its the way that it is given. If you say…..”why not try this”, thats ok. But why-oh-why do people have to give thier advice in such a know-it-all way! It seriously bugs me! But I suppose these people used to give know-it-all advice in other areas as well. So it must be a personality thing. :-p I’m not refering to anyone who reads this blog, just some other people who seem to be baby experts.

I had the BEST time at the theatre yesterday with my mom. We went to see the ABBA show and I LOVED it! It was really great to have a mom and daughter day. Here are some pics of the fun.

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