Yesterday went way smoother than I ever imagined. In my head I was expecting a screaming baby that wouldn’t sleep and wouldn’t eat, but it all went really well. Ethel was also happy at the end of the day because she got to spend the day with our boy and got to know him better; which ultimately makes her feel more comfortable and confident that she can react to his cues.We are also sending her on a childcare course at the end of the month and that will increase our confidence in her and her confidence 10 fold.

Ultimately, my wish involves more that her looking after Jayden during the day, I really want her to become part of the family and part of Jaydens life. I know it is only the second day of this new routine, but I am feeling waaaaaayyyyy more confident and comfortable.

My word for this year is inspiration and I realise more and more each day where my inspiration comes from……Jayden. A sweet, chatty, beautiful gift from God. I look at him and I just can believe how blessed I am. He has changed my life and inspired me to be the best version of me.

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Since he arrived I have been inspired me to LIVE more!!! For him, I want to work hard, be healthy, be happy and LIVE A GOOD LIFE!!