I’ve been a bad blogger and its definately time for an update. I started writing this post last year and its on my list to complete on the first day of 2012. Happy New Year bloggers! I hope 2012 is a great year for you all!

I have seriously found this festive season so busy and exhausting, my energy levels have been really low and I have only really had time to put my feet up in the last couple of days. Christmas was lovely! Especially with Jayden. Our families are absolutely besotted with him and it was just so great to see everyone so happy that he has finally arrived.

Our boy is doing very well, and as predicted he is growing like a weed. I can’t believe how quickly he grows into his clothes….and then out of them. He is a very smiley boy and I think he is going to be very social. He isn’t sleeping through the night yet, and I am not stressing about it. I figure that he will do it when he is ready (correct me if I am wrong). For the moment he is waking for one feed at about 2am/3am, which I think is quite a good strech from the last feed and bedtime at 6pm. He has become very aware of his suroundings and knows exactly what his cot is for….SLEEP, which he has started to resist. This started just after 12 weeks and at first we thought that he was experiencing the last of his colic, but when Bennets did nothing to ease him we realised that this wasn’t the case. To be honest I really have no idea what the problem is…….  One posibility is that he is over tired and resisting going to sleep. He seems to know as soon as we take him into his bedroom that the next step is sleep and for some reason he doesn’t want to give in to it. Last night was quite hectic because he SCREAMED for about an hour and then finally went off to sleep. The most frustrating this is that we still have no idea what the problem was and his cry is so heartbreaking…….its so frustrating when you can’t fix it, and we did check all the possible causes…..

Is the nappy wet?

Is he too hot or cold?

Is his temperature high?

Is he hungry?

Does he need to be burped?

……….I still have no idea. Maybe sometimes there is just no reason.


And so its 2012. Its a fresh new year with fresh new ideas and I have decided not to make any new years resolutions, but instead to make one promise to myself….This year I will be true to myself. I will suround myself with positivity and do things that inspire me and make me happy. I’ll listen to my heart and trust my instincts and I’ll will stop repeating the same mistakes and learn from them. 2011 was a year that taught me to value myself and to treat myself better and 2012 needs to be the year that it all starts being put into practise.

Happy reading bloggers!!!