It so difficult to have to say goodbye to a member of the family and yesterday we had to. Our Bulldog Ollie was just in too much pain as a result of severe arthritis. Rest in peace sweet Ollie Snog, you were a great dog.

We got Ollie nine years ago. He was our very first pet as a married couple. He wasn’t a pure bred Bulldog and had slightly longer legs than the pure bred version, but this was actually in his favour as he experienced the problems he had later on in his life. He was a very naughty puppy, (As puppies are) he ate many of my shoes and humped many guests legs, but he was a real character and was loved by most of my family and friends.

About two weeks ago our pup started walking around the house yelping and so we took him to the Vet to get him checked out. Initially we thought that the problem was with his mouth. He had a piece of the inside of his lip that had caught over a tooth and he was chewing on it. The Vet fixed it, put him on pain killers for three days and told us to monitor him. The pain killers did very little, out pup was still yelping in pain and we took him back to the Vet. Xrays then revealed that he had severe arthritis in his hips, back and his right jaw. The Vet recomended that we keep him on the pain killers and monitor him. Once again the pain killers did little to relieve his pain …….our pup would shake and walk around in circles…..we were very worried and we feared the worst. The last two days confirmed our fears. Ollie started having fits and collapsed six times in 24 hours. It was heartbreaking. We made the decision yesterday that it was time and my husband took him back to the Vet. I said goodbye to him after I lifted him into the car and shed many tears.

Ollie my dog, you are out of pain now. Chasing bunnies in a much better place. We loved you our Snog the dog. You were a really loyal friend. Rest in peace.

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