Saturday, 24 September, 2011.

I woke up way before my alarm clock was set. Our social worker had told us to get ready early in case our birth mother’s ceasar was done a bit earlier. The ceasar was planned for 8am. We went to Mac Donalds and had some breakfast and some coffee. I am watching my phone like a hawk. Hoping that if I stare at it enough it will ring. 8am passes and so does 8:30am, I start to pace around the parking lot and finally we decide to go to the hospital because I just can’t wait anymore. We sit in the car in the parkingf lot. Its about 8:50 now and I start crying because the emotions are just too much for me. Finally my phone rings.

“Congratulations, you have a healthy son! He weighs 3,25kgs and his apgar is 10/10”

We are over the moon! Our social worker tells us to come to the hospital and I tell her that we are already here in the parking lot. She comes to meet us and shows us a picture of our boy on her blackberry. I tell her his name.

She takes us into the hospital and we pay the hospital fee and get some admin out of the way. Then we go up to the maternity ward to meet our son. We walk through the ward right to the last room and there he is……perfect in an incubator. The first thing I say is how perfect I think he is……and then I ask if I can hold him. To which the social worker replies, “YES!!!! Of course!!”

We take him into the nursery section of the ward and I change him into his first outfit. The baby grow that his daddy bought for him years ago when we had our first IVF. I feed him and he goes back to sleep. I send out pictures to my family. My phone is going crazy and the battery is dying. We spend the day with him in the nursery and are told that he can go home with us in the afternoon.

Its about four pm and its time to meet the birth mother. She wants to meet us and to see our boy! The meeting is sooooo emotional. I try to express everything I want her to know in words, but it is impossible. I try the best I can. I hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek.

Its time to go home.

We go back to the B&B we are staying in and try to get settled. Our social worker calls us and asks us to meet her so we can see the birth father. We meet him. This meeting is even more emotional. I have never seen my husband cry so much in one day.

We go back to the B&B. Its been an extremely emotional day and all I want to do is lie down. I can’t believe that we have a son!!! I truely feels like he was meant to be with us, like he is the missing piece in the puzzle and now everything is truely ok. I feel so blessed.

What a day! The day our lives changed forever!