And so here are the details.

I had finished training a bit earlier because it was election day in Zambia and I needed to let the staff go and vote.

The night before I was dreaming about getting the call and I realised that I had only set a personalised ringtone (The Creed One) to one of my SW’s. So I sorted that out and was playing with my phone and asigned myself a new ‘general’ ringtone too. The funny thing was that I always expected the call to come from Leigh or Joan and I hadn’t even realised that I had saved Wilnas number.This is also this the first trip that I have put my phone on roaming. I normally only put it on sms roaming – which means I can’t recieve calls, only sms’s.

I relaxed in my room a bit and read my Russel Brand book, and then decided I need a small nap. I went to the loo and while I was sitting there I heard this wierd classical music. My first thought was – What channel is the TV on?????? I walked over to the bed and realised that my cellphone was ringing…..A classical ring tone. And then I looked and saw that it said ‘Wilna calling” and I thought “Oh ok”……..”what” “Oh my word” “Oh my word!!!!!”

I answered, and she couldnt bloody hear me! I called her back ……and she still couldn’t hear me. Eventually I called her from my hotel phone, in between smsing my husband to say, “WILNA IS PHONING ME!!!” To which he replied ” What???”

And so this was the conversation,

W: I know we haven’t met and that Leigh did your screening. Your profile has been presented before, but I am glad to tell you that this time you have been chosen.

And that is where I just burst into tears. I think I even asked her if she was serious!!!

We had a long conversation about the background of the BM and BF (which we have decided not to share with anyone) and then she told me…..”The baby is due to be delivered by C-section on Saturday” ……..”Can you be in Cape Town because the BM wants you there?”Β  I was like “YES!!!!!”

We can be whereever you want us to be by tomorrow. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

And in between all of this I was smsing my husband. I said, “Love we have been chosen” to which he replied, “What” “Really” “Must I call you” – in three separate sms’s.

Once I had finished my call with W, the first person I called was my husband. And by this time I was crying big tears. I told him the news and the background ……and then when the baby was due. I can’t remember what he said. I do remember telling him to call his dad and that I would call my mom.

I remember the rest in bullet form and it seemed to happen that way.

  • Called Mom, didn’t answer her phone
  • Called Chris ( my sted dad) didn’t answer his phone.
  • Called my brother. Said, “You are going to be an uncle on Saturday”
  • Try to call mom again, didn’t answer her phone.
  • Called Chris again.
  • Called mom again, she answered the phone! I say “Mom, you can chill that champagne, we got the call”
  • Called my Dad, He calls me back in my room and I fill him in on the details.
  • I sms my family.
  • I sms my friends.
  • I sms my husband again.
  • I write a blog post.
  • I write on Fertilicare.
  • I try to have a bath and relax, but my phone is going mad…….
  • I speak to a few friends on the phone.
  • I try tp calm down
  • It nine o clock.
  • I get into bed.
  • Try to read.
  • Try to sleep.
  • I pray and thank God for this precious gift.
  • I think of our birth mom. I think about what she is doing now.
  • I try to sleep …….Not much sleep happens

Right now I am exhausted, but I am not sure if I am going to be able to sleep again.

I am just so looking forward to getting on that plane tomorrow.

I have baby clothes to wash, shopping to do. I need to get down to Cape Town!!!

Still can’t believe this is hapening.

We don’t know the sex of the baby yet! I will certainly keep you unpdated friends.

thank-you so much for all your support and all of your comments. I so so appreciate them!!!