My husband went to the same psychic as I did on Tuesday; and she basically said exactly the same thing about children. We will adopt two children and she has a feeling that it will happen early next year. When I went she said she was being shown a two; and February still sticks in my mind, as she said that in Feb 2012 my life will change. And there really are a lot of twos in Feb; 022012.

Anyway, so now I find myself being in that place of hope again. Getting excited, feeling positive and thinking about the future. The feeling should tyde me over for a few months. But I can’t gaurentee that I’ll have a fabulously lovely Christmas. πŸ˜‰

I was chatting to a friend on sms this week about my husbands reading and she commented that she can’t wait for our little sosauge to arrive. I replied, “I think I’ll cry everytime he/she does something”………and then I thought about it afterwards. I HAVE A VERY DREAMY VIEW OF LIFEW AFTER PLACEMENT.

The picture in my head now involves lots of baby cuddles, cute smiles, baby laughter and everyone cooing over my baby. I know that there will be smelly nappies, crying and sleepless nights…….but I honestly don’t think about that part right now – Should I? All I can think about is having my baby in my arms. I can’t imagine not being totally and utterly in love with our child every moment of every day. I have no idea how it will effect my marriage and I simply can’t picture how drastically my life will change…..even though I know it will for sure.

When we did our screening, one of our social workers warned us about post placement depression. Especially since I suffer from clinical depression. She warned my husband to look out for it; and I took her advice to heart……but very lightly, because in the here and now I just can’t imagine myself getting depressed.

I have heard time and time again that nothing prepares you for motherhood, and I know that I have tons of support, but I simply can’t imagine it being anything less than bliss.

I reckon I have them rose tinited glasses on…….for sure.