Hello everyone,

Let me tell you about my reading yesterday. I’m sure there is only one thing you are interested in…………and that is, what did she say about family.

Well, here it is. We chatted about other stuff in the first part of the session. My mother in law came through and wished us a happy aniversary. She also said that she loves our new house and that this house has a whole new energy. A positive energy.

Then we got into the topic of children. I have seen this lady on two other ocasions. When the topic of children came up previously her answer was always…..”Its not time yet” and when I asked her WHEN she said, “not in the near future”. At my husbands last reading she told him that he wasn’t ready for children yet, which may be true in hindsight. Both of our previous readings were about four years ago.

This first thing she said was that I was never intended to carry a child. I told her that I was ok with that, but that I would not be ok with NEVER being a mother. She then told me that I am absolutely going to be a mother,

She said, that she is getting a two for the waiting time for the adoption. Either two weeks, two months or two years, from now. Later in the reading she said that February 2012 is going to be the start of a new chapter for me. I asked her if this was maybe the ‘two’ that she was referring to. She said no…..but that she had a feeling something had already happened with the baby by then.

She said that it was going to be a girl. A very sensitive and gentle child. There are two souls that have chosen us. NOT twins, but definately two children coming into our lives.

Then she cautioned me…..

She said that I need to be very careful when meeting our Birth Mother. She said I have the tendency to want to take on everyone elses Karmic energy and so I may end up getting ‘to close’ to the BM. This does make sense to me. I would probably get too emotionally involved. She said that I should just acknowledge that I will love and care for this child and that is it. Don’t get too emotional and don’t get too close. Adoptive mom’s – Does this make any sense to you? I ask because I haven’t been through it.

And so I do feel a bit better. I know, that I shouldn’t put to much faith into what she has said. I know that I shouldn’t live by it. But it does make me feel better……especially in this never ending tunnel. It somewho comforts me.