I seem to be getting this question a lot lately, and I am certainly not complaining about the caring tone in which it is asked. The trouble is that I really don’t know the answer…..

Some options are;
A: Okay – On a plateau….
B: Not good – The why me stage.
C: Overwhelmed – Too much is going on. Wedding, moving, travelling….aaaaaah!
D: Pissed off – When is it my turn?
E: Totally depressed – Its never going to happen.
F: Anxious – Like I am going to explode.

There hasn’t been anything that has happened lately to make me feel this way, or at least nothing I can pin point. I am just feeling like my cup is empty. I’m not negative, but I’m not positive either, I am just blegh.

Tomorrow I am going to see a psychic. And the first thing I want to know is…..when will our household go from two to three? When? Because I feel like it is bloody well time now. I have waited and I have been patient………how much longer, I’m ready!

I know we can’t rely on these things and that there are no real answers, but I am feeling a real sense of desperation at the moment. Like I NEED this to happen already. Maybe its because Christmas is around the corner. Or maybe, its because I want it so bad….or maybe its just because………….

Who knows. It could be next week, or tomorrow or 2013. Its frustrating.