I don’t have much to say, and I am not feeling so creative at the moment. So here it is in point form.

  • Mood: Dull
  • The house is slowly taking shape. We still haven’t hung up any pics, but we will get there.
  • I have a lot of travelling coming up. Two week trips to Lusaka and then Nigeria (urgh). You know how much I LURVE Nigeria. I was in Maputo for one night on Monday and I came home exhausted yesterday. I seriously don’t know what it is…..I think I don’t sleep well in hotels. Or maybe its the flight????
  • I am enjoying my sleep so much these days. I seriously love to be in bed early and just have a lovely peaceful sleep.
  • Our tenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I am feeling that its a bit anti-climatic. We are going to Saigon for a lovely supper though.
  • I finally got our ID’s certified so that we can be declared NON sexual offenders. Don’t ask me why it has taken me so long.
  • Work is quite busy. Lots going on…. A new hotel opening, and a big project to finish off for me. Unfortunately I am seriously lacking in inspiration. I need a new challenged. I feel like I am repeating the same learning (work wise) over and over.
  • My cousin is getting married in less than three weeks and I am a Bridesmaid. I am so excited!!!
  • I am going to see another psychic in September. That will be interesting.
  • I’m feeling very dull about the adoption. Like its something that will happen in the very far away future.
Thats it for now folks.
I’ll post some pics of the new house soon.