And so, we moved…….

I sit here from my new office. Its very nice and spacious, looking out onto the pool and watching the birds hop around the garden.

We started on Thursday with moving and unpacking all of the kitchen stuff. That turned out to be a great decision because it really helped us get a head start for Friday. The rest of the furniture and boxes arrived on Friday morning and from there we just worked……Saturday….and Sunday. Which was all worth it because I now have about five boxes to unpack and all the main areas of the house are sorted. We just need to start hanging pictures and hang the rest of the curtains.

We LOVE our new house. It is so lovely, everything we wanted. I was concerned that I would feel safe in a house compared to a complex; but I really do. The security in this area is really great. We are in a boomed area and we have a paroling guard 24/7, so I feel really safe. The neighbourhood is also wonderful. Kids play on their bicycles in the streets and there is a park at the end of our road that is only open to residents. I just love the feel of it.

Once we have sorted the rest of the house we’ll start putting the cot together and packing the baby room. I am very tempted to decorate the room too; and maybe I should just go ahead (What do you think). Then its done, and I can close the door if it bugs me.

Its going to be a farmyard theme. I already have a few farmyard themed pieces that will go into the room. A pig and cow tube chair. Some stuffed cows, a duck and some farmyard stickers. I’ve also got my eye on the linen I want from Kids Emporium.

And I think this humidifier would go perfectly…………

While unpacking yesterday I came across a pile of bills from Vitalab. I have no idea why I was keeping them, but I decided there and then that they had to go. No more fertility stuff in this house!!! New house – new energy. I am also getting rid of all my ‘getting pregnant’ and ‘being pregnant’ books. I have a friend that is pregnant and would really appreciate them; and I have no need for them.

And so CHEERS bleeps! Its a new start.

From a very happy person.