I had a dream the other night. I dreamt that we got the call. I can’t remember too many details, but I do remember that feeling. I wanted to savour it and keep it to myself for as long as I could. It was like a very special private moment, savoured between my husband and I. In the dream, we only told our parents and put together a plan to tell the rest of the family later. There was no announcement on FB or twitter. Just a post on my blog entitled ‘The one you’ve all been waiting for’. It was really such an incredibly joyful and private moment. I wanted to keep that feeling forever.

We were matched with a girl. Not a newborn though. She was 20 months old in the dream, and I was happy, so happy. I didn’t care that she wasn’t a new born baby, the only thing that was important was that she was a healthy baby, and that she was our baby.

Its interesting isn’t it? How things can change when you realise just what is important.

All we really want is a family. A happy healthy family.