Our house has been sold!!!!

Its very exciting. We have been on the market for about five months. The first three months were an absolute waste of time because we have a useless estate agent marketing our house. Their mandate ran out at the end of April and we moved on to someone who was better known in the area. We took a month off to fix up a few things on our property and within two show days we had a buyer.

It is a major weight off our shoulders to not have any more show days. This Sunday we seriously JUST chilled. I did some fabric painting and finished three of my mosaic pots. It was divinely relaxing, a nice change to making the house spotless and getting out for four hours.

We have also found our new house, which is nice and BBBIIIIGGGG and in a lovely secure area. Its a lovely family home that needs a little TLC (paint and stuff), but I can see our family living there for a long time. Our offer was accepted the same day that we sold our house and so now we just need the bond approved.

Our buyer wants to move in on the 1st September, which is not far away. So hopefully bonds and guarantees will be approved this week and we can move in mid August. I just can’t wait!!!!

Hold thumbs for the bond being granted this week! Please please please!!!

I can just feel that this is going to be a new start for us. We have a real baby room, which we’ll start decorating slowly when we move in.

Dear Lord God…..Please can we be chosen before Christmas. Please.