Firstly I have to say thanks so much for the wonderful comments on my last post. They really made me feel loved. I am feeling a lot better. More like myself. I am just trying to move forward to a positive space and accept everything. I’ll probably have a few wobbly moments, but who doesn’t. The most important thing is that I want to move on, and so that is what I am working towards.

The experience has really brought me back to some of the really annoying parts of infertilty. It all started with some really irritating assvice I got from someone. I know she is just trying to help me, but it just reminded me why we feel so frustrated and lonely during our journey and it brought me back to a post that I wrote when I first started blogging. It was called Can you handle the truth?, and from the assvice I got it seems the answer is no….for some people.

The Assvice

There is this Belgium woman that apparently cures all sorts of diseases. She apparently curred a well known DJ’s ‘Chronic Fatigue syndrome” and reckons it is all due to ‘parasites’ in your blood. We are taking real gogo’s here, things with legs and stuff. So the assvice I got right AFTER I explained what my doctor had said at my post op appointment was that I MUST go and see this woman. The owner of the assvice had asked this woman about infertility and she had said that all infertility is due to ‘parasites’. These gogo’s get into your blood if you have ever touched a tick, or had a pet with fleas or swam in a lake or a dam.

*Sigh* Now I know that this is well meant advice, but please!!!! If I do have creepy crawlys living in my veins it still doesn’t cure the FUCKING ENDOMETRIOSIS! Sjoe it felt good to get that out!

My point is, some problems are serious and they can’t be fixed by taking a herb. I do believe there is a place for alternate therapy, but I get irritated when people can’t just say….”I’m so sorry this happened” There is not much that can fix me (physically). The damage is done and a ‘bug doctor’ aint gonna help.

I think that…Sometimes the truth is hard to handle. Even if it is from an outsider.