Today I am looking for some opinions. There is some TMI in this post, you have been warned.

For those who don’t know my history, here it is….

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when we first started trying to concieve. I have had three laparoscopes in total, the last one in April 2006 (wow I can’t believe how time flies)

We stopped treatment last year and since the beginning of this year I have really been feeling under the weather – hormone wise. My periods have become more and more painful and heavy and I seriously feel like my hormones are out of sync. Firstly my skin has turned into the skin of a 16 year old and I feel so tired most of the time.

I thought the pill might help because I remember feeling good on it when we were doing the IVF’s. So I asked my GP about it and she put me on Yaz. The result was a definite improvement on my skin and energy levels, but I think the Yaz is way to light because I spotted most of my way through the active pills. I continued with it ………until the spotting became brown blood (which I thought wasn’t very good) and so I decided to go of it . Since then I have not had a proper period ( I have continued to spot) and I have been experiencing a lot of pain.

So my wondering is……Should I request another laparoscope. The pain is going down my legs again from my hips, I am sure the endo is back. I could manage the endo by going onto a different pill, or I could just manage the pain, but then I think maybe it is better to have it removed and be off the pill completely.

Its been five years since my last lap. Surely this is a maintenance issue. Or am I being silly?